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Extending on demand CRM for
sales & marketing effectiveness

CRM alone is not enough.

AbovePlan for Insurance™

To drive profitable revenue growth and outperform your competitors, CRM alone is not enough.

To be successful, you have to proactively manage your sales and marketing teams, not just customer data. You need a CRM solution that embraces and reinforces best practices, and that makes your sales and marketing users more effective, not just more efficient. You need to minimize the data entry by your users and capture the data as they go about their jobs. You need to provide users with practical tools to help them do their jobs better and they'll actually use the system, and so your entire company can reap the benefits.

AbovePlan meets these challenges with a full range of implementation services for on demand CRM, vertical market solutions including AbovePlan for Insurance™, and CRM extensions to provide new functionality for on demand CRM.

We understand how diverse the insurance market is, with different lines of business having distinct CRM needs.

AbovePlan for Insurance™ gives insurance carriers the world's leading on demand CRM platform - - together with the deep industry functionality you need.
All serviced and supported by one company that understands your business. If you haven't been satisfied with the Insurance CRM solutions you've seen so far, AbovePlan for Insurance™ may be just what you're looking for.