extending on demand CRM

Extending on demand CRM for
sales & marketing effectiveness

On Demand CRM Extensions

AbovePlan offers a number of critical CRM extensions, to make your users more efficient and effective.

AbovePlan Document Builder™

Our Document Builder™ automates the creation of customized sales-cycle documents. The Document Builder™ makes sales reps more efficient and effective by:
  • Dramatically reducing the time reps spend searching for current and complete information – such as product information, references or case studies – especially when this information is dispersed across your organization.
  • Helping them to leverage best practices by creating sales cycle documents using templates or content that have resulted in ‘wins’ in the past.
  • Making best use of scarce resources, such as sensitive customer references, by building a content library and ‘pushing’ the relevant content – such as references – out to reps when they need it. This ensures the reps are not re-creating content that is difficult to find, or overusing time-sensitive content that may become out of date.
  • Providing flexible sales tools and templates that adhere to company and marketing standards for both content and format. And still allow the rep to edit and customize, print, save or email – just as they would with any other sales cycle document.

The AbovePlan Document Builder™ is an extension to any of the salesforce.com CRM solutions.

AbovePlan Forecast Scrubber™

The AbovePlan Forecast Scrubber™ includes integrated best practices for opportunity forecasting as well as analytical tools that work like the familiar Microsoft Excel to help sales managers ‘scrub’ opportunity information.

The Forecast Scrubber™ allows sales managers to:
  • Develop a more accurate or valid forecast, by allowing them to review current opportunity information and perform ‘what if’ analysis on the opportunity data in real time. This allows a sales manager to explore and compare different possible scenarios, resulting in a more accurate sales forecast.
  • Set and track clear expectations for progress in the sales cycle, by providing the ability to examine pipeline data according to various custom or pre-defined filters, drill-down to review details, and update selected data in real time. These capabilities help sales managers better assess performance, identify issues early, and communicate required actions.

AbovePlan Best Practice Manager™

The AbovePlan Best Practice Manager™ helps organize and share the most successful sales and marketing practices. Our Best Practice Manager™ brings together relevant content at appropriate stages in the process to create effective sales or marketing documents such as call scripts, interviews, case studies, proposals and more.

The Best Practice Manager™:
  • Eliminates the time sales and marketing users spend searching for relevant content, and instead, pushes content to them when it’s needed.
  • Brings together content from multiple sources – documents stored in the Documents tab of salesforce.com, from your sales portal or company intranet, and more.
  • Makes it easier for sales and marketing to maintain key content centrally, keep it current, and ensure the most recent versions are being used.
  • Encourages use of content associated with past wins, increasing the effectiveness of all users.
  • Is able to identify what content is most used and most effective, to improve the quality of sales and marketing content.