On demand CRM Extensions for Sales and Marketing Effectiveness


Extending on demand CRM for
sales & marketing effectiveness

What We Offer

AbovePlan’s sales and marketing solutions are designed to help you deliver profitable revenue growth and outperform your competition. AbovePlan extends the world’s best on demand CRM platforms such as – salesforce.com – to drive sales and marketing effectiveness.

We provide top-notch, intelligent, process driven extensions and services for on demand CRM

CRM Implementation Services

AbovePlan offers CRM implementation services to implement our CRM Extensions and offer a more robust CRM solution. Now maybe that doesn’t sound so unique – but what is unique is how we deliver those services. We have a team of trained, certified implementation professionals, who are committed to the success of your CRM initiative.

Vertical Market CRM Solutions

AbovePlan can custom develop vertical market solutions that leverage our CRM Extensions, building intelligent, process driven applications that your staff will want to use.

AbovePlan will partner with customers in Financial Services organizations such as insurance companies, credit unions or community banks in order to create a full suite of CRM Extensions that integrate with their your systems.

On Demand CRM Extensions

Our on demand CRM extensions can make your CRM initiative more successful, by leveraging additional software functionality, best practices and services to make your sales and marketing users more efficient and effective.

The AbovePlan Document Builder™automates the creation of effective sales cycle documents – such as proposals, quotes, interview guides and correspondence. The Document Builder™ leverages best practices by bringing together relevant content from salesforce.com or your sales portal, at the appropriate stage in the sales process. The Document Builder™ uses content associated with wins in the past, ensures it adheres to corporate and marketing standards, and further tailors the documents based on what can be learned from the Account and Opportunity details.

The AbovePlan Forecast Scrubber™ includes integrated best practice process for opportunity forecasting and Excel-like tools to help sales managers analyze and manipulate (or ‘scrub’) the information to form a valid forecast – all while setting and tracking clear expectations for progress in the sales cycle.

The AbovePlan Best Practice Manager™ is a combination of services and technology, that helps you to organize and share the most successful sales and marketing practices and - like context-sensitive help - push them out to users when they're needed. The Best Practice Manager™ solution also brings together relevant content (from salesforce.com and sales portal) at appropriate stages in the process to create effective sales cycle documents such as call scripts, interviews, case studies, proposals, etc. What makes Best Practice Manager™ unique is its ability to 'see' what, when and how reps are using materials and prioritize what is recommended based on prior success.