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Extending on demand CRM for
sales & marketing effectiveness

Why AbovePlan?

Advanced Technology: AbovePlan develops some of the most advanced CRM extensions, utilizing high performance rules engines for document creation, data capture, and experience capture. Our advanced user interface designs leverage a unique "prioritized options" concept that presents the most relevant options for the user to choose. This overcomes the major issue with most CRM implementations - lack of adoption. By giving choice to sales and marketing professionals - "Willing Adoption" is achieved. Our techmology is packed into unique CRM extensions to supplement on demand CRM applications.

The CRM extensions currently include AbovePlan Document Builder™, AbovePlan Forecast Scrubber™, AbovePlan Best Practice Manager™

Experienced with CRM, sales and marketing process: Our team has the necessary knowledge, experience and successful track record to make your CRM initiative deliver results. And our extensive experience with deploying sales and marketing methodologies across an enterprise ensures that your CRM solution is supporting effective sales and marketing processes.

Investment in your projects: If you’ve been unable to find unique, rules & process driven technology to extend your CRM application, AbovePlan’s unique ‘co-development’ approach may fit the bill. If we believe that your requirements have broader market appeal, we’ll invest in your project by sharing the cost of development. This ensures that all your needs are met, but with a commercial technology with full vendor support and maintenance, and lower TCO.